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Thursday, 5 December 2019


Luxury Yacht

Planning your next cruise getaway? Yacht party on your mind? Planning on getting married on a yacht? I have one answer to all your questions- Neptune Yacht Dubai

Neptune yacht is a yacht rental company that deals with your complete cruise experience as they cater to all kinds of needs. From pick up in a lavish limousine of your choice to your catering needs. We arrange some activities like fishing, jet- skies banana rides donuts ride etc. We have a variety of yachts to cater to your needs and pocket size. We believe in providing excellent customer service by setting our standards high in the charter industry.

Neptune yachts come with a full package of services. With two captains and crewmen to assist. Basic amenities are provided like seasickness medicine, water, ice, fishing rods, sound system etc. Each yacht rental varies from 800AED to 2000AED per hour. It’s advisable to book one month prior as it ensures availability and you get a discount.

We have numerous yacht types for you to choose from ranging from 50ft to 88ft

Al Shali — 50ftOur premium lounge perfect for your family getaway or partying with friends. Great piece to takeout with twenty of your people for activities like fishing, banana rides, dancing etc. This skippered charter is perfect for people looking to have an adventurous relaxing trip.

Italian Azimut — 52ftYour lookout for the lavish lounge ends with this beauty. Celebrate your yearlong functions with family and friends on this yacht. It has a maximum capacity of up to 20 people. The price is very nominal compared to other options.

Australian Jasmine — 55ftIs relaxing with family and friends on your mind? This Australian beauty is a perfect choice for you. Great lavish interiors and exterior perfect to have some quality leisure time. With a capacity of up to 20 people, it’s a perfect choice for parties.

Senorita — 68ftA spacious, luxurious rental with a capacity of up to 24 people. Have a blast partying here as disco lights and awesome sound system is available here. Spacious bedrooms and comfortable cabin, tidy and cleaned if you want to spend time inside.

Big Daddy — 88ftOur newest and the biggest charter with a maximum capacity of up to 50 people. It’s a perfect match if you have a wedding on your mind. Great for corporate bookings lavish family gatherings. This spectacular and spacious piece is equipped with an excellent sound system too.
With this many options to choose from, what are you waiting for? Go choose your personal cruise now.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Hire Luxury Yacht Charter Rental Dubai, UAE to Encounter Spas That Definitely Pulls the Elation Out Of You

Word “Spa” is originated from the Belgian town of Spa, known since Roman times for its medicinal baths and offering varied health treatments, come out as Balneotherapy. A bogus still closed space where mineral-rich spring water or occasionally seawater is used to provide medication intended baths called as spa.  Instant when you decide to hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE, do look for spa services onboard. Operating in the travel industry from over double decades, we have catered to an array of mid, high and VIP category of clients. Statement that we let you possess is without a rival, to account of classic crew members, captain and trip equipment being acquirable.   


Now that I have your attention, hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE if you desire to experience the best super yacht spas under cheap and cheerful price label. When you will get along with our executives on duty for charter queries and clarifications, they will specify you the exact configuration of spas located over the watercraft or you can simply visit our online domain for effortless details grab.

In the remaining portion of this publish you will perceive different modus of spas found on the bigger sailing boat at the time to hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE:

1 Cloudbreak’s cozy spa:

Seems the same to cosy, sauna-like atmosphere and adjacent to an exercise room, this spa is situated in the lower deck of large yachts, having enormous place to serve adventure keen.   

2 Areti’s sports spa:

Formed for the former Olympic cyclist, this spa is available to guests in the dress of athletes to impart them the best surrounding for restorative treatments. Elaborated before is designed identical to an important sports facility and has own spa manager. Hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE whether you are a sports freak.         

3 Plvs Vltra’s wellness bathtub:

2017 ShowBoats Design Awards winner, Plvs Vltra’s wellness bathtub carries the recognition of an enticing spa for a reason. This wellness centre is created by the indulge of Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam, massage room, nail & hair studio and one or two more. On top of that you can take outdoor balcony shower and indoor shower when thought of freshening up after a relaxing dive in the sea.  
4 Legend’s Balinese spa:

Bali is well-known for filling inspiration within and framing the intricate stonework, decorative wood carvings and Buddhist statues for transforming the sided fences by a peaceful South East Asian atmosphere to one of those that hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE.  
5 Lady Britt’s on-sea spa:

Prevalent in the row to sensate passengers cold, this spa on-water faces to the ocean for a cool plunge. Said sea-shuttle endows space for massage and hairdressing within the wellness area. Either you get access to panoramic gym’s sliding glass doors which drive you to wide spa pool on the sundeck.   

6 Sherakhan’s mosaic-equipped spa:

Kept inside the broad ferry as an entrance to delight room, reflecting spa pleases the arrived bodies with its hand-crafted mosaic wall and exhibits like a cold-water bath spot, Finnish sauna and a glass bottom spa pool.   

7 Serene’s snowy spa:

Indeed sights like a cool beauty, continuing spa presents beforehand set of a sauna and snow room with the jet-stream swimming pool and spa pool entirely covered in brightly coloured lights to newcomers. Hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE assuming that you tend to sentience these exceptions.  

8 Moonraker’s experiential spa:

Get a round of this spa if you think are capable enough (financially) to observe aromas and colours with the programmable water jets in the shower that will transpire your mood and energy level by invigorating internally. To get close to that sense, you can hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE through Neptuneyachtsdubai within the cost your budget allows.   

9 Solandge’s chromotherapy spa:

Like such chromotherapy spa on yacht features hammam, massage room, beauty salon and sauna with glass wall; flourishing as a gym, offering everything you need when in the role to hire luxury yacht charter rental Dubai, UAE.   

10 J’ade’s Turkish bath spa:

All compressed in little - bright green mosaic tiles used in this bathing space and a fully equipped gym positioned on the sundeck are the luxury that keeps you reminding to onboard on, again and again.  

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Sail Through Dream Yacht Charter, Equalled Lifetime Gladness of Your Family

When mechanism of wood floating consumed space in the savvy minds, they advanced them to creation of boats. Functionality changes and shape enhancement of which became the root for the evolution of yachts. This channel of transportation caught fire when individuals of upper section in society shared their experience of dream yacht charter with others. Ample number of people wished to afford these and few out of those adjusted their budget to reach the heights of enjoyment during watery trip. Over half a decade, Neptuneyachtsdubai is offering sea tour packages in modest amount, leveraging even the nationals of medium income group. Since the day of inception, the aim of dream yacht Charter Company has been to please customers, the sentience of which compels them to be our returning patrons. Delighting our audience with the mouth watering offers and extremely lowered prices, is part and parcel of our professional journey. In the route to obtain the highest standard of customer satisfaction, we have always kept in consider the safety, fun, excitement, adventure, exposure and last but not least entertainment of the passengers.     


Dream yacht charter is a leading in lot yacht Rental Company that rents its vessels to guests for ocean journey in accordance with the hourly rates. We mostly encourage the family vacations spend on our watercraft to accomodate all members at one place and share the cheerfulness among. Strengthening of love bonds through exchange of smiles occurs when you involve in watersports, swim, fish or sightsee the skyscrapers together. At Dream yacht charter, you will get sailing boats that are equipped with BBQ grilles, music system, fishing gears, swimming suits, luxury rooms and cooking-proficient chefs. Cause why we insist to hop over on our dream yacht charter with your kids and wife is to feel the charm of voyage when facing the chill winds, looking perfectly the sceneries, watching the jumping fish, soaking the sunlight on deck and listening to favourite songs. You will be able to pass on some special moments with your loved ones amidst the heavily vibrating waves.

As the name signals, dream yacht charter is for those squads of commons who want to overfill their lifetime dream to cruise on ferry with family persons. You can also get to us with few particular arrangements which we will organize conveniently like family functions, marriage talks and birthday events. We know family comes first and so we keep forward the idea of family safari when programs like dream yacht charter has to be conducted. It is so, just because we know the importance of time consummate with one who are very close to your heart and in life. Rely on us when you either think of availing the service of dream yacht charter as we were, are and will be the most trusted and reliable yacht provider in Dubai. We assure you the elimination of fear and penetration of thrill in your mind when you journey with our crew and captains. 
Adventures that you can try other than dream yacht charter in Dubai lists as follows: 
     4WD desert safaris
     World class golf
     Camel and horse racing

Friday, 2 August 2019

Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai is morelike A Seducer for Honeymoon Aspirants

Moments that are special must be spent with someone special. You could relate with this statement only if the desired person is under your reach. No, we are definitely in no support of your male or female friends thoughts. What we are purposely conversing is to record a romantic trip with your spouse through luxury yacht renting Dubai. Else we don’t find a better venue for your honeymoon organization. If some opinions are to be believed, signals that honeymoon is one of the sacred events in the life of a newlywed couple, promoting the deep bonding among. Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai interprets to Neptuneyachtsdubai that has ample of vessels to arrange a worth remembering honeymoon, mixing day and night packages. Assurance to this comes on the later part when we say, our contribution would be marvelous in making your honeymoon a remarkable occasion that dreams are made of.

Luxury yacht renting Dubai is your friend cum well-wisher that desire to offer adventurous, exciting and entirely incredible experience in the form of honeymoon packages within Dubai. Usually tens of ten are the number of visitors to Dubai throughout the year but when honeymoon cruise be avail to obtain, everything finishes on you, your companion and the impatient showers of water. Now it’s up to you whether you would like to pick thrill or romantic emotion.

When you will sail with luxury yacht renting Dubai, trip will start from the famed Dubai Marina, taking you through skyscrapers and hotels on the both sides. While passing towards Persian Gulf, iconic structures of Palm Jumeirah, wonderful construction of Atlantis Hotel, Royal Mirage, Burj Al Arab and some will appear. Though, Sheikh Mohammad Island will also be in our list but relaxation would be far more delightful in the open waters at several sites.          

Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai is equipped with plurality of amenities that will be your resource of fun when in the travel. That describes as:
       Jacuzzi, Spa, Sauna, steam & changing room
       Swimming pool
       Laundry & salon box
       Deck with hydraulic canopies
       Lavish dining spot
       Theatre like surrounding with screens
       Closed space with automated doors
       Night Club and Dance floor
       Jet boats and Jet skis
       Safety apparatus as life jackets and life rafts.

We know well the importance of privacy in honeymoon events. Therefore, you won’t find our crew or captain as a disturber in the middle of your ongoing love. Controls could be executed from your end when you have to convey a message through the communication device. Vibration and turbulence will have no residence on the motor boat during your voyage in the Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai. As based on you, the requirements of decoration can be fulfilled with the sprinkle of rose petals on your bed and colored lighting. Ambiance on the watercraft is going to be entirely constructed according to your favorite theme when you count on us. Mark our statement that the pursuit to said will be our liability. Luxury Yacht Renting Dubai has accomplished the honeymoon fantasy of how much unknown digits and is perfectly capable of stretching your honeymoon to end too.  

Saturday, 27 July 2019

Acts of yachts for rent in Dubai is especially desirable to hunt for in summers

Inception of summer brings cheer to some and quetch to many. A little out of them be happy to get another nick to tour around while others stick with coolers and air conditioners. As part of the tale we will explain one splendid yet feasible to afford plan for passing the hot weather. Get a trip with family or friends, riding on the yachts for rent in Dubai. A soothing sentience will freeze your heart, soul and body while tearing the surface of oceans. Deck and nose region of the ferry is the competent habitat to rest and enjoy the motion. Yacht rental Dubai is one of the second to none employ which proffers water journey allowing you to celebrate birthdays, conduct parties, arrange meetings, corporate events and what can’t be organized. If stress is the emotion which can be eradicated by any trick, we bet it won’t be better than to travel in yacht for rent in Dubai. Summer is the season when skin of humans outset to be rough resulting in itching and rashes. That way a cool safari would be like icing on the cake.     


Five wherefores recommending the fellows to obtain yachts for rent in Dubai:
     Exceptional sightseeing of Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and some more.
     Watery ride let you bask swimming and aqua sports.
     Relief from the chaos of the city.
     Affordable packages of 1, 2, 4 and ample hours for groups or individuals.
     Fishing operations in the midst of the sea.    

Motor boats of the are equipped with chilled AC for those who want to get lonely know-how of the fluid odyssey. Though we are accessible most of the days in a year for the service of our clients, highest demand reach us in summer. Citizens come out of the home from boiling heat to seek favorable resources to cool down. Yacht rental Dubai has managed the entire facilities on the movable to deal with the sense of hotness of our guests. With the enjoyment approach we assist you well in safety practices too. We make sure that all our passengers are bound with comprehensive insurance before cruising. Insistence from our end is arriving to you for availing the yacht for rent in Dubai since, overly persons just think about it, watch on screens and die. But, we won’t let it happen with you, considering your mental happiness. Summer is the time when children’s holidays either remain on stake. They move to relatives house for a few days to spend the quality time but lacks the adventure that should be in the place. Yachts for rent in Dubai grants you the niche to be a part of the exposure which fulsome only dream to get in.

Your pending visitation to us must be a successful one, this we expect from our end. Yacht rental Dubai has enough of modern amenities which are found in your houses, restaurants, hotels and bars. Anticipating to roam in the wonderland will only be a tranche of the thought process until and unless you do outing with Yacht for rent in Dubai in reality.              

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Reach the end of your lifetime reverie while being exposed to yacht rental Dubai

70% of the earth is covered with water and rest with land. Yet, more in masses are familiar less with water bodies due to phobia factor. Spending all the years of life on the surface of soil will bore you. Apply for leaves of a week at least to your HR and fly up to delight yacht rental Dubai. Without boasting heavily, we on the behalf of define you that cruising and sightseeing around the Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and Atlantis will cheer you under our shelter. Hire the motor boats of yacht rental Dubai for your charter urgency and conduct the desired activities in the mid of sea at nominal cost.

We are habituated of arranging several programs and functions on the ferry for our guests like wedding, honeymoon, candle light dinner, birthday party, reunion party and much more.  

Distinction in services of yacht rental Dubai:
     Luxury travel on road while the pick-up and drop-off in Dubai
     Deployment of BBQ grille equipment
     Well organized kitchen
     Fresh & tasty soft drinks, tea, coffee, packed water
     Fishing gears ( Sonar )
     Head hair to toe nails insurance of all passengers
     Tickling sound system
     Spacious deck and entertainment region on the watercraft

Yacht rental Dubai is mostly invoked for party, fishing trips and sunset cruise. We have in application small boats to large sailing crafts those can be used based on your specific requirements. Your necessity of managing a private party with only group of close friends can be assigned to 50 feet yacht. Other than it 100 feet or above sized yachts can be rented to perform marriage anniversaries. Choice of selection of cuisines to consume on the moving boat is also yours. Yacht rental Dubai make you available most sort of dishes like Chinese, Arabic, European, Intercontinental and as such. Our crew members, hostess and captains are well versed, professional and humble in behave. Water transportation channels on which you all will ride is entirely modified in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Dubai government. Swimming and facing the cold blow of wind will moisturize your body and soul to the path of relief. Theoretical conversation here isn’t going to place you at the front seat of your dreams. So, drive towards yacht rental Dubai and experience the charm of water journey. When we plan the packages of water travel, your affordability is the first factor taken into consideration.

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Holiday Millionaires, But For Dubai Money

While it is still cold, it does not mean that you can no longer think of summer vacation. After all, if you come to the warm regions, you can indulge in a summer seaside holiday practically any part of the year. However, you may already have enough classic vacations. What is this year to experience something different, unconventional? What would you say about renting a Private Luxury Yacht Charters Dubai‎?

We've been cruising around the world for years. You will admire with us the coral reefs, the snow-white beaches of the Dubai; you will feel at home with us everywhere. We have tailor-made programs for each of you. We take the fishermen to the destinations of the sailboat, barracuda, tuna or deep-sea paradise. We will prepare a reggat tailor-made for the company anywhere in the world, an incentive trip for your important business partners or experience teambuilding in the mountains or at sea. Thinking where to go with kids? We will take care of an unforgettable holiday with a thematic program for your children of all ages. The programs are built by professionals in experiential education.
Are you attracted by remote destinations with a touch of adventure and a mysterious dark side of the world? We will take you to places where your breath is lost. And all this with professional guidance and VIP tailor-made preparation, including support for the entire trip.
Rent Any Boat or Yacht in Dubai today is no longer impossible. Just know who to turn to!
If you choose Yacht charter you will not regret it. If you choose Yacht charter as a non-traditional holiday partner, you will not regret it. It has been operating on the market for more than twenty years, and thanks to its experience it has something to offer you. In addition, as the only Neptune Yachts Dubai company in the Dubai, it offers an advance payment of only 15%. Yacht charter will provide you with superior service both before and during the voyage and of course after the cruise. For example, sending a weather forecast SMS.
Rent a yacht with a captain
How about renting a yacht with a captain? In this case, an unconventional holiday gets even more interesting. And it won't be just a captain. Yacht charter will offer all the professionals. You can also use the possibility of sports cruises.
If you are not afraid of sea sickness and are tempted to spend your vacation on a yacht, at sea, you have something to think about. For example, you can start planning now, take your dear lover or other people you care about and enjoy a few days on the boat with.
Cruising on a boat will easily become addictive, you can leave it to the professionals, which Yacht charter certainly belongs to we will provide you with premium services and minimum advance payments!

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Party Boats and Yacht in Dubai Is Apprehending To Consign You Luxury Ambiance

Despite arranging the budget yacht charter in Dubai, neptuneyachtsdubai holds the pride in offering high class of hospitality services to our guests in the pivotal of deep. We are maintaining placid presence in this field of avocation since inception of the party boats and yacht in Dubai. You could borrow our water boats for 2 to 24 hours for cruising, sightseeing and partying, devising all the worries from the mental storage. Our armada of motor boats recognised as 50, 52, 55, 62 and 88 ft watercraft will get you the rounds of Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and many within flash of eyelid. Party boats and yacht in Dubai has emphatic sound system that will ensure your fun never brakes. Just hold a usual Aux wire with yourself and play the inclined songs during the travel.   

We support you in organizing various programs inside the vessel like:
     Club nights
     Comedy gigs
     Music shows
     Magic schedules
     Fashion programmes
     Morning yoga session
     Sea fishing
     Wedding receptions
     Corporate events
     New product launch
     Employee rewards
     Bond building activities
     Friends reunion
     Ritual celebration
     Disc Jockey
     Red carpet 

If wanted we will either grant you gear for fishing, snorkelling and watersports in party boats and yacht in Dubai. As away as your tongue taste is concerned, we have kept in consideration that too by offering European, Arabic and Asian dishes in the meal. Soft drinks, cold water and towel are also forthcoming on the sailing craft. You could fee our cooks, additional crews and swimming suit during the procurement of commodious functions in party boats and yacht in Dubai. Our beadles are eminent vocational and submissive and are ever ready to accomplish your most of the essentials from spoon to specials. Enjoy the cuisine of your preference, murder cakes, imbibe flowers bouquet & decoration and despoil luxury transportation option from your living room, all at cut-rate pockets in party boats and yacht in Dubai. When stony current of air blows in the middle of ocean you must remain existent in sitting or standing posture in the outer gallery of ferry to sense the relief and respite. We address on your safety as well together with the gratifying trip.

Life jackets are instructed to be dressed by children, youths and uncles either to protect themselves from upcoming or accidental situation. Party boats and yacht in Dubai do have colorful & bright dance floors and wine or beer facility to charge you up and get in the mood. Executives and resources, those are on stream inside the party boats and yacht in Dubai will proffer you the atmosphere like home where you can drink, eat, sleep, relax and entertain without any tension. We send you instant message via email and phone routes when you reserve our mobile water vehicle for assurance. Party boats and yacht in Dubai can be utilized for one way or round ride on the term of economic fares. Get through an incredible minute of life which will plug you with fulsome joy and cheer instantly in the party boats and yacht in Dubai.                      

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Rent Any Boat or Yacht in Dubai to Conduct Fancy Activities Onboard and Twirl In the Sea

Pamper the scads of your friends, family and relatives by availing the cheer of watery trip through exclusive yacht rental Dubai. Estated as impeccable in our profession, lends you the nick to hire yachts, boats and other sailing machines for touring needs. Our charter services provides you the meager facilities in extra with the journey and those options are like fishing, swimming and water sports activities. We have been in business since long years to cater such consumers who are unable to buy a private yacht. So, you can rent any boat or yacht in Dubai from us to glide over the surface of ocean. We make an arrangement for most of the tasks in water cages that are done in home. A personal chef, BBQ grille, fishing gears, additional crews, limousine transmission and expletive security guards can be easily settled with us before the commencement of the iteration. Your entertainment continuity is not your accountability it’s ours until the completion of the water ride. Get in an AUX cable with yourself to enjoy your own liked song tracks as we don’t have list of ours. Interested tourists need to keep their passport with themselves to show up before hopping on the vessels. Rent any boat or yacht in Dubai with to sightsee various prominent locations and constructions.

What are the cruising locales which you will view when travelling with exclusive yacht rental Dubai?
·        Dubai Marina Lake
·        Palm Island
·        Atlantis Hotel
·        Burj Al Arab
·        Jumeirah Beach Hotel
·        Wild Wadi Water Park
·        Sky Towers
·        Royal Mirage Hotel

What you can perpetrate on our Exclusive yacht rental Dubai?
·        Birthday party
·        Wedding events
·        Corporate functions
·        Get together programs
·        Family outings
·        DJ music
·        Sunset cruise
·        Engagement planning
·        Cultural programmes
·        Special celebrations

Which yachts are on stream to us?
·        88 ft. vessel to put up maximum load of 50 guests.
·        62 ft. movable boat for up to 24 guests capacity.
·        55 ft. carriage for 20 guests only.
·        52 ft. watercraft for 20 guests transfers.
·        50 ft. ferry for 20 guests either.

Throughout the raptus with, security and safety of all passengers onboard are well taken care of. Life jackets are given to all guests and their offsprings to wear and continue their joy after that. You can rent any boat or yacht in Dubai with us to let your pockets loose a bit only. Our vessel tours are affordable and fun to get in. We send you the immediate notification when your reservation of the yacht is confirmed with us. You can lift the pleasure of direct waves of winds on your face and body when around the exclusive yacht rental Dubai. Usually, patrons enjoy in our journey under water from 2 to 4 hours only but it could be stretched more. Permit your heart and mind to relax beneath the sky of UAE and rent any boat or yacht in Dubai for voyage urgencies. We will be costing a penny less always than our rivals and proffer high standard of service in exclusive yacht rental Dubai. It’s an idea of optimism that would be carried long by us.

Saturday, 29 June 2019

Mount Up on the Cheapest Yachts Rental Dubai to Wave Amidst the Broad and Open Ocean Rapturously

If been fed up by the continuous tring tring tone of your business cell phone, leave to Dubai and enjoy the vacation for trivial number of days. To spice up the sense of relaxation in your journey, we are right beside you to tailor the moment of fun through cheapest yacht rental Dubai. Don’t ask what is not accessible. But, you can avail most of the facilities those were seen on screens only, till today. We, labeled as the accomplished vessel charter foundation around Dubai, let you organize birthday parties, New Year events, marriage celebrations, wedding anniversaries, seminars, conferences, business meetings, cultural programs and sightseeing in light pockets. Cheapest yachts rental Dubai consents you to get the tour of Dubai Marina, Marina Lagoon, Burj Al Arab and Atlantis with your friends, families and relatives at the rate of 800 to 2000 AED per hour. You can select the water boats of your choice among 40 feet to 110 feet from our fleet of movables. Sentience the luxurious atmosphere in our motor boats recognized as cheapest yacht rental Dubai with your group and enjoy till fullest.

We do arrange for the:
·         Pick up and drop back service for our clients.
·         Professional crew members onboard.
·         Life jackets for all the guests.
·         Cool water, juice and snacks.
·         Swimming and fishing gears if approached for.

We remain available for you under waters to take you anytime for the cruise. An average duration for the trip is 2 hours but you can extend it as per your wish. Our refined system of approval sends you the instant confirmation when you reserve cheapest yachts rental Dubai for the charter. You can cancel the water ride as well but it has got certain limitations. To let you know the same we must speak that cancellation made 24 hours prior to commencement of the travel is not at all chargeable. But if made within 24 hours to the departure partial percentage of charges will be applicable. Amount remaining from the total should be expected to be credited to your account within a week time frame. Mention number of adults (18 years and above), children (3 years to 10 years) and infants (0 to 3 years) clearly in the reservation form to avoid misinterpretation. Entry of infant in the cheapest yacht rental Dubai is free, children are applicable for child rate and toddlers above age of 10 years are apt for adult rate.
Original passport or Emirates ID must be brought with yourself to verify the identity before climbing over the boat-top. Your entrance to our cheapest yachts rental Dubai could be denied without proper ID card. To adhere to the UAE rules and regulations, it’s mandatory for all the passengers to wear life jackets when travelling in the cheapest yacht rental Dubai. We don’t permit any kind of pets or animals in the yacht as there are hygienic issues attached with it. Touring hours can be stretched from its original form when available. As it is chargeable, we suggest you to decide carefully. We are named as prime yacht provider in Dubai due to our high standard of service and professional surrounding all sides. Clients have taken us an addiction that is hard to get out of. We know and understand your necessities well so take care at the each point of the watery ride. Flavor the offering of cheapest yachts rental Dubai by and explore the views that won’t downstairs from your mind till survival. Cheapest yacht rental Dubai really means the affordability potential of general citizen of foreign and UAE. Unite with us on this joyous ride in waters and experience the world of entertainment that is too interesting.